At some point in an individual’s life, we have to make some choices, especially whether to be employed or be an employer. We usually encourage those people who can to venture into business, and the journey can be very rewarding. However, not all of us will run and own businesses, some of us are much better as support systems –employees.  How we get to either preference is a decision that is influenced by multiple factors. Here, Mark Bosire, one of the youth we had the pleasure of interacting with in one of our Youth+ Entrepreneur’s Training Forums, shares his story.

Who is Mark Bosire?

I am a very practical person and always looking for the next big thing in regards to my profession. I am a situational introvert who loves to be in a calm and serene place, for me to think well and efficient.

What you do right now?

I work as an event associate for an event agency that produces live events with most event projects having a minimum budget of 1,000 USD as the operating costs.

Why employment?

In my line of work it is skill based and requires a heavy capital to establish a fully functional event agency, thus the time to be recognized and have the capacity to run projects will take time to be known and acknowledged in the events industry.

As a person, I believe employment works out for me because of the access and skills I gain by executing event projects, most importantly to be part of a team that complements my strength and weaknesses. Being in employment also has given me time to concentrate on my skill set as compared to be an all-rounder in my startup, that I felt was draining my capacity as a creative.

Having to worry about chasing contracts, paying for office space, look for clients or struggling to pay yourself. I also value employment since it gives me benefits that I was not able to offer myself as a business owner when I was struggling, I can call it a positive comfort zone.

Do you see yourself ever drifting to running your own venture in future?

Yes, I believe a time will come when I have acquired the skills and made a name for myself in my industry. I will seek to establish my own venture having learnt the ways of the industry. I will look for innovative or futuristic trends that have a viable chance at that time.

What it meant for you to be in business then quit?

The unfavorable environment that Kenya fosters for any starting business, that eventually cripples the whole machinery. These conditions were also made worse by the political, tribal and corruption factors that have a direct influence on the mode of doing business in Kenya.

Do you attend business related forums and why?

Yes, I do, they keep me informed about the general attitudes towards the ever-growing business community and the opportunity to meet with like-minded people who have a lot to share and experience.

Having observed in both sides of the coin, what do you see as the gaps in terms of human resource capacity and the execution of their respective roles?

Yes, I have noted that Human Resource in Kenya is abundance and very skilled in soft skills however the technical and blue-collar opportunities are lacking. In addition, moonlighting should be a practical initiative in the employment side. A lot of labour hours are lost in the traditional 8 – 5 method.

So, are you your own boss or do you favor the 30 days 12 times a year calendar? Join the conversation and tell us your why for either choice.

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