Entrepreneurship is a journey. A practical life lesson to be learnt. It calls for more than just Passion, Vision and Determination. Not one day is the same as the other not one concept applies everywhere so we seek to learn from everyone and pick our lessons as we encourage each other. Join some of our Youth+ Entrepreneurs as they share their journeys through (Social) Entrepreneurship.

Meet Donald ‘Dontheblack’ Openda from our 2017 Cohort. A dynamic entertainer. He acts (both stage and screen), hosts and hypes events, content creator and a social media influencer who has been in this industry for the last five years and still going strong.

‘’Being in the entertainment industry primarily depends on content and consumption and by what audience to be precise, is your audience growing? Constant or diminishing? What is the feedback? and what are you doing as the entertainer to better your services?

This trickles down to five lessons I have learnt in my career.

  1. Content is KING
    An entertainer must convey information in the best form to the audience and in order to do this one has to have proper content in order to avoid ambiguity, and the availability of content dictates relevance because this is what determines whether you qualify as an entertainer or not.
  2. Distribution is QUEEN
    Having content alone is the first step, distribution marries well with content as the reason as to why consumption is guaranteed is because of distribution, having a form of distribution of any work of art builds a lot of brands in general and some brands are as strong as their distribution platforms, i.e. it defines the audience that consumes the product that is content. Distribution channels also helps create perception over content i.e Netflix
  3. Consistency is KEY
    Rome was not built in a day .Very few people survive in the industry as ‘One Hit Wonders’ as it takes time to build a strong brand as a good example is Sylvester Stallone commonly known as Rambo and Daniel Ndambuki commonly known as Churchill, consistency creates a habit consistent performances,rehearsal and research creates a habit of success that is an important tool in this particular field of work, they say you are as good as your last show, and so you should.
    Whereas talent and opportunity may bring clients to your doorstep, reliability is what keeps them there, the entertainment industry is not the ordinary 9-5 office job that is subject to routine, depending on whether it is a rehearsal or the actual performance, the entertainer should be reliable enough to turn up and deliver.
  5. Always TELL A STORY.
    A good story always sells, entertainers should generally have great communication skills. In order to do this one has to own a technique, and as long as by the time the entertainer steps on stage, they should know that they are progressing from point A to point B.’’

 ‘’the entertainment industry is an unconventional career that has a lot of dynamics, it works differently with different people but no matter what, one should strive to be on top of their game.’’  ~Dontheblack

While his lessons are shared from his experiences in the entertainment industry, one cannot help but note that these same pointers are very important in other industries as well.

  • Content- What are you providing?
  • Distribution – How do you plan to avail it?
  • Consistency –How often?
  • Reliability- Can your target market/audience count on you?
  • The Story- Are you relatable? Emotive?

For more of Donald ‘Dontheblack’ Openda follow him on Twitter and visit his website.