Today, lets talk about systems! Yes you read that right. Nothing to do with the numerical ‘+’ sign. Depending on your business or organisation calendar the last four months would represent any one number of quarters in your cycle but for the regular calendar, the first one has just ended what have you or your business achieved?

Is your business or organisation a reflection of you with your breath and independent systems that work with or without you or do you or your team find that without you nothing ever moves either by virtue of you controlling everything because you have put such an emotional attachment to your business that you do not let it be, or your employees do not feel up to task so you are always doing everything or you simply just run everything!

That my people, is one of the great recipes for total burn out, business failure and demotivated staff. Serve dish hot or cold the pick is all yours but I promise you none of it tastes remotely great.

Join Josh Fernandez the CEO of Web In Motion The Video Animation Company  a Video Marketing Company that prides itself in that providing the highest quality of video marketing services for its  clients with the most recent up to date technologies on the world wide web today. He is also one of Youth+ Africa’s Cohort 2016 Members. Read on  as Josh shares on…

The Power Of Business Processes & Systems

I cannot stress enough how many times I see entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs running around like headless chickens all in the name of doing business. I think this is one common mistake that so many of us, myself included, make because we lack systems and processes. We fail to begin with the end in mind by creating systems and processes that will work for us.

The Entrepreneur Tap: Working For Money VS Money working for you

I am going to use an example that is used and is still commonly used today to illustrate how money can work for you. McDonalds, a multi-billion dollar franchise, is successful not because of its food as anyone cannot make but because of the systems and process that it has in place that create an environment of easy and effective workflows.

Let’s bring this closer home. Keroche Industries, Resolution Insurance, Art Café, Kempinski, all these businesses have one thing in common. They all have processes and systems in place, which make it very easy for a new person to come and plug in. Equally, this helps in efficiently and effectively building your team.

4 Main Benefits of Creating a Process/System

  1. It helps ease workflow – when everyone in the team knows what they are supposed to be doing there are way less mistakes that happen and therefore quality assurance of your work is kept.
  2. Helps with timelines – it reduces the usual and tedious back and forth of always following up and confirming if work is done or not done which saves time and energy in the process.
  3. Saves money – after you have quoted the client and gotten a deposit, you have done so already having worked out all the initial costs involved. If mistakes happen in that process then guess who has to pay for that mistake? YEP you guessed it. YOU DO! If you are selling products and one is created with an error, you will have to re-do it and that will make you incur unnecessary costs.
  4. Makes it easy to scale – This is where the fun begins and it’s all “plug and play” you know your numbers, you know your costs and profit margins…basically this is where you have a bird’s eye view or a blueprint of your whole business/organisation; And now its all about inputting the missing puzzle pieces in place to support your growth.

Josh’s final  remarks?

‘‘Now you may be feeling like ‘oh man, this is me! How do I start setting up efficient and effective systems that work for me instead of me working in them’  well to answer your question on how you can start working ON and not IN your business/organisation here is a tool I have used called “The Lean Canvas” which is basically a ONE PAGE BUSINESS PLAN!

Normally takes a month or 2 to create a business plan, with this you can have one done in one AFTERNOON/MORNING!

This will really put into perspective where you are now and where you need to be going. Click here and here to create one and YouTube “how to create a lean canvas” for guidance. Example 

Best of Success

Josh Fernandez (CEO) – Web In Motion The Video Animation Company

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From The Youth+ Team, We Wish You A Happy and Productive Second Quarter of The Year 2018!