What happens when you are fired up with an idea, get some friends excited, you decide on a partnership together, because why not?…. A couple of months, weeks, years down the line it looks like you either are parting ways or things are going south! Now, what do you kill? The idea or the professional relationship then maybe try as hard as you can to save the friendship even as you rethink?

Winnie Ndeto, a marketer by profession with a little over 7 years’ experience working in FMCG Companies  (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) who is passionate about serving, customer satisfaction and working on initiatives that would improve people’s lives started CV Guru with a group of friends as a Limited Partnership Company. Sometime later, they had to part ways leaving her to manage alone.

What does CV Guru do?

We provide professional services to clients drawn from Kenya and the larger East Africa. Our forte includes professional resume writing, drafting cover letters, generating a professional LinkedIn profile, and interview coaching. Whether you are applying for a new job, seeking a promotion, switching careers, or updating your professional profile, CV Guru ensures that you are well positioned to pursue your dream job.

As a partnership business how did you identify your partners?

I didn’t think about it as much, I thought of this idea and shared with my friends. I felt each one of us had unique skills that would help grow the startup with less capital needed. Unfortunately, we didn’t share the company’s vision & goals thus had a fallout.

How did you deal with different management styles and personality differences among partners?

We didn’t last long to establish a foundation, we tried to come up with company principles to govern but failed.  Whilst we had equal rights as per our contribution it also become our downfall as most of us focused on individual success and not the work eventually not doing their duties anymore.

How did you recover after the fall out and did you maintain your friendship?

When I was left alone, I had to decide if I also wanted to give up on the company or not. I slowed the marketing (because it was overwhelming considering I was alone) and learnt all aspects of CV Guru business. Eventually, I had to register another company, Cvguru Africa Limited still doing the same thing. Yes we still are friends but just can’t do business together.  Cvguru Africa has since picked up and I am excited of where its heading.

In the internet age where most things can be done online how do you compete and keep up with such trends in business?

Our objective is to position our clients for success in their job applications with our professionally written resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, and Pre-interview coaching. In order to achieve this, my team and I continually research & update ourselves with new resume trends from designs to contents and what works for a Kenyan job market. We also offer free resume reviews and share insights that we find helpful to our clients. In fact we are zealous in making sure that we deliver quality product & services thus exceed client’s expectations.

What is your advice to others considering the Partnership approach to business?

Take time to understand your idea, know what kind of a partner you want, don’t rush… Learn, Work with the person first before going legal on papers.. It was difficult, some wanted to sell their shares, I found it expensive and finally settled on registering a new company Cvguru Africa Limited.

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