In our last article we met Mark Bosire who found his satisfaction in being employed. On the flip side, we meet Yvonne Okeyo a public relations professional with a deep understanding of business operations ,passionately pursues transformational speaking and loves to read as it helps her be more effective in her job. Formerly an employee of Airtel Networks Kenya, she quit her job to start Peridot Consultants a PR firm that prides itself in offering quality training on, on-boarding ( newly hired training) ,customer centricity (understanding customers and their needs) and employee relations( team buildings, staff training).

What Was the Journey to Starting Your Own Business like?
It was not easy shifting to entrepreneurship because i had to do convince my parents to understand that this was my passion. I was extremely certain that this was what i needed to do but i had to find courteous ways to put my point and decisions on the table. I had some savings from employment that i used but along the way i ran out of capital and had to do lots of events to raise more capital to continue.

Where Did You  Meet Your Turning Point?

My turning point towards entrepreneurship came when i joined a leadership course at Born To Lead in Nairobi for 3 months then afterwards attended one of Youth Plus Africa‘ s Conferences on Building Business that Lasts, the speakers were so handy in the tips they offered which i have been applying and most have worked out for example make your team feel valued, don’t take loans for activities that don’t generate profits etc.

As the vision holder of your business how do you ensure your team shares the same vision and what has it been like leading them?

As their leader, we have several meetings to ensure we are all on the same page. This way they do not feel overworked and i take time to listen to their ideas and input. I try to put them first because they always make me the first in everything. I don’t consider myself their leader instead I just point out the directions since often they know what i want and how it should be delivered. They make my work easy as i travel from town to town doing events. My business is ensuring that people reach their full potential through quality and effective training, talks and motivation

Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?
I hope to be a household name in matters Corporate training and be the best in the industry within East Africa and to bring several trainers on board . I need to remain revolutionary, creative and focused.

Further, I plan to actively hone my skills more by attending more entrepreneurial conferences to help us remain relevant and creative. I believe in becoming better than my former self.

Your last take?
I enjoy the freedom and flexibility i have as a business owner. My advise to others considering this path is be present in every moment of your business. It makes you understand it more. My biggest challenge was setting up an office and other times getting opportunities to train but I overcome this by increasing my brand awareness in turn it brought more clients.
Finally find that which inspires you and do it diligently, because haste often makes waste. Secondly, it won’t be easy at the beginning but eventually it will be.

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