Name ‘Kipesa’ could easily be loosely translated  from Kiswahili to mean one with money and we would love to think it is rather appropriate a stage name for one young John Kimani, who uses it as the brand name name for his hustle; one that pays his bills. Kipesa, as he likes to be called simply describes himself as an entertainer. We first met him early 2017 at a Church based Youth program for a group of Churches in Uthiru where Youth+ had been invited to co-host an Outreach session that aimed to deliver  practical Entrepreneurial, Leadership and Life Skills in a fun environment to its fellow young people. After which he later become a co-emcee and moderator in one of our Conference programs. He happens to be one person full of energy and life. Kipesa shares some of his journey.

Why entertainment and how did you get into it?

Making people smile and laugh has always been something I feed on, it’s the reason I do what I do. I would say that it turns my wheels, keeps me going every single day. When I was a young boy I was quite a trouble maker, I used to make light of the most serious moments and because of this, the desire to keep making light of situations grew and made me who I am today.

I basically started out as an actor way back in Sunday school, scooping all the best actor awards all the way through high school. Shortly after, I went to music school and learnt a few “do re mi’s” and being a fan of good music, dancing just complimented my groove. Now as an emcee I try fusing the element of dance, drama and music to give a liveliness while performing.

Do you run ‘Kipesa’ as economic vehicle i.e a business brand or simply an individual or part of a group managed by someone?

MC Kipesa is a business brand managed by me and has borne fruits like providing professional services i.e public address under the name Les Bros entertainment. The process has not been easy neither has it been miserable. It has taken a lot of patience and persistence and it has taught me to never give up easily without a fight, I must admit, at some point I thought I would never initiate it, it was all but a thought in my head but by God’s grace I was able to do it.

Have you had any challenges in business so far?

Just like any other industry, being an entertainer has both its strengths and weaknesses. The entertainment industry being one of the largest industries in the world has many corn artists, and one of the challenges I faced was being given unfounded promises from clients.

Another challenge I faced was getting my name out there as an artist, it was, and it still is difficult to convince someone who doesn’t know you that you’re good at your job, but these challenges have made me who I am today. I have learnt to live by the mantra, “I either win or learn”.

Do you think we have enough support for young people with such talent?

I personally believe that we have enough support, it’s just that very few people have the courage to get out there and showcase their talents. This industry is a puzzle, it’s all about trying to fit in but just like any other industry it is overflowing with corruption. It has become a weed that has spread far and wide and has affected so many things that we have forgotten the beauty of the original plant, it has now become a trait that is termed as qualification for any form of leadership. But we must know our worth and love what we do, that way we cannot compromise.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself hosting my very own TV show in the future.

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