In so many ways, we have been led to believe that agriculture is reserved for the folks up-country and all those stereotypes. But that is not entirely true, because here is someone who actually believes that agribusiness is cool. As a youth, she has proved that we can do much more when we are passionate about something.

At only 28 she is farming commercially and growing steadily in the business. Meet Beverly Mugure, a young woman born and raised in Nakuru County. Passionate farmer, a hotelier by profession and a political enthusiast who works tirelessly to see better days for the young generation in as far as education, health, job creation and mental illness awareness goes, through Agriculture.

When we first met her at one of Youth+ Africa’s Training in 2017, you could clearly see the passion and love for agriculture shine through her in her conversations and presentations. Beverly shares her experiences in commercial farming whose market share is often flooded by people with much bigger financial muscle and resources.

How did you get into agribusiness?

‘My passion to venture into farming came to a reality when I was working in the hotel Industry. The demand for food and the inconsistency of supply made me realize the gap in the sector. Food Production will need to increase over 60% to feed the global population by 2050. Facts show, 800 million people go to bed with a hungry stomach despite the fact that we are producing food.I took advantage of this and began producing tomatoes in one acre of land which is leased.

How has the journey been?

However, with all the passion and drive I had, I did fail and terribly so. At the time I had not considered the need to do research or aware of the seasons which eventually affected the production. It appeared easier to exit the business at the time but I learnt that farming is not for the faint-hearted and many factors internal and external could greatly impact the desired outcome either way.

Failure simply meant something to be learned or a redirection. I took this lesson positively and challenged myself to learn more about my trade as to be a better farmer. I consulted, attended agricultural conferences and farm trips within the region to understand the business and now I have been able to build a sustainable farming business despite the challenges.

What about today?

At the moment, the farm is mechanized we use tractors , work as team, take time to learn and we are also incorporating farming apps and use of mobile money transactions making payments much easier. I currently supply mint leaves, onions, pineapples, potatoes in bulk among others. In the next 5 years I am planning to have a chain supply company and distribution and also invest heavily into poultry and livestock production.

Any word to the youth out there?

There are lots of opportunities that young agribusiness enthusiasts like myself can venture into ranging from production, packaging, branding, distribution and processing all are sectors that have a large potential market.

To thrive however, one has to remain teachable, consult, research, be sure of their interests, listen for an opportunity and intend to understand, learn how to cut cost, producing more with less and manage waste.’

To order from Beverly you may get in touch with her through the contact +254 715 820 702.