They say, the only way to learn about business is by doing it. However, among us who ‘just do it’ more than less fail at it. Occasionally, we come in with so much inspiration, energy and motivation and even have a full drawn Business, Marketing and Financial Plan plus more having projected everything there is to project for the year to the very last letter. Only to come and find it didn’t work and you just might need to throw away that ‘Manual’ you first created. Other times, we just wing it!

When getting into business, we come to provide a service, product or both in exchange receive financial reward for it. But for that to happen, we must be able to provide and create value for that which we expect return. Importantly, you must deliver either that which is actually needed or create the need it rather than risk the chance of bringing your target customer goods and services that are ‘dead on arrival’ that is no one likes or is interested in. This is where feedback comes in. Every Entrepreneur must learn how to collect feedback, what to actually use and how to use it to your advantage and continue to innovate, invent and other times just leave it as it is!

What then do you do when the feedback you receive bites? Do we close shop? Do we invent and innovate? Do we let it be? Rant on Social Media how mean some people are? Come drink from the well of real life lessons from Youth+ Entrepreneurs.

Benta Wangui , @BagWorld_Leather

Benta Wangui a 2017 Youth+ Africa Cohort Member, Founder and Owner of BagWorld Leather a business she began in 2017 that prides itself in Authentic Work of Leather Art, shares the following.

‘’When I launched BagWorld Leather, I didn’t know what I getting myself into. Passion was enough for me, at least that is what I thought. I used my gut feeling and manufactured 12 leather pieces, mostly bags.

After production period which took me 3 months, i went for an exhibition at Karen and nobody looked twice at what I was showcasing. I knew there was a problem but didn’t know what exactly it was until i got an opportunity to join a business foundation where they train young entrepreneurs for 6 Months for free.

This is where I met this sophisticated woman and she told me straight to my face she can’t buy my products because they aren’t elegantly made. The words hit me so hard but I thanked God for using her because that was the beginning of change.

The Lessons I Learnt

  1. Do market research first before you launch a business.
  2. Don’t seek for investors before growing your business.
  3. Lack of capital should never be an excuse for not starting.
  4. Do what you love. Let passion be the driving force and not money.
  5. Start small, fail, learn, rise up, dust yourself off, and continue swimming.
  6. Listen keenly to customers and learn from criticism.
  7. If you complain a lot about something, create a solution for it.

Now you know that, If you want to reduce, eliminate economic and make wiser decision be open to all sorts of feedback. Just learnt to manage it. Make sure to visit BagWorld Leather and grab yourself one of their creations! You can find them on Facebook and  Instagram