So, your work week is over and you made it so far, well done! Perhaps it was a good week, maybe not. Probably you are closing your books for the week and compounding your gains and losses (or you already have).

As you think through how to make it better next time, increase your sales, revenue targets and streams; one thing you can’t help but think is how to beat ‘your competition’ for the available customers.

One of the things Entrepreneurs and Employees in Sales and Marketing are ever on about is competition. But who is your Competition? Or better yet who is your Collaboration? And why are they either for you and your venture.

More often than not we classify those in the same ventures as we are as our Competition rather than our Collaboration leaving the target market/ client ‘fish’ as the price the reward being increased sales and therefore revenue. Is there a possibility that your ‘co-industry mates’ can be your Collaborators and your target market‘s alternative interest your Competition?

How about we put it this way?


Fisher person(being gender inclusive) = You and your fellow industry mates, the Ocean deep or shallow = where your all your target market its, The fish = your target market, Planktons and the likes = Your fish/target market’s interest, Your Bait = What you are all trying to sell your target market, The fishing vessels = your resources/ partners/ aids/grants etc. that facilitate you to reaching your target market.

Generally fishermen big and small often venture out on their own using multiple methods and trying to get the best vessels to facilitate the job of fishing. Competition for the best fish high and many nights lots of fishermen would be out there with their teams braving all sorts of things and often not all of them return to shore happy fishermen but still return to cast the next day. Others move to other waters and sometimes they are even territorial. Unfortunately for some they do not use the best fishing methods and end up harming the environment that the fish depend on or over-fishing in one area and drastically reducing their numbers.

However while the smaller fisher person are not able to get bigger catches because their vessel capacity is smaller compared to those who spend months in deep sea with very modern equipment practically having mobile processing plants within their vessels; they could seek to invent or innovate alternative creative methods  to achieving  the common goal. First turn your perceived Competitors to Collaborators then pull your resources together and perhaps sourcing more partners as one so that they can build better vessels and provide healthier, more ethical and environmentally conscious methods of reaching the fish. By bringing in the different skills of each fisher person and their baits one can then develop better strategies to approach the fish enticing them to choose their offered baits as opposed to the planktons. The small fishermen this time will actually be able to go further, catch better quality fish and more plus learn from each other.

Think about it. While competition can be good and healthy , sometimes, it is totally unnecessary and we can instead pull resources together to achieve one common goal. For example towards achieving any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and good policies that any other that individual Countries, Companies, Organizations, Ventures and Persons have. However you need to identify who or what else would be your target market’s other interest. Where else would they rather spend their time and money and can you either as a single venture or joint ventures for a single one time or given time offer value convincing them why you guys at that time and not anything else. Eventually even after the joint mission one would still add clients to their individual lists.

Have yourselves a great Easter Weekend and A Happy  Month of April!

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