Waceke Nduati

Waceke Nduati

Author/Founder, Centonomy Ltd

I founded Centonomy LTD, Nairobi Kenya in 2009. I am driven by my passion for teaching people how to create wealth. Centonomy has been an instrument to influence change in people’s lives. This has been done through Personal Finance Management, Entrepreneurship and Career Development which has empowered over 200,000 people. The impact has seen people who have interacted with Centonomy gain the confidence to pursue their dreams, overcome financial challenges, create wealth, start and grow businesses, employ people and become solution providers in their own unique ways. As a result, I was selected to take part in the Stanford seed (Stanford University) business transformation program. Through my practical experience, I have acquired the ability to demystify money and entrepreneurship in a way that is relevant for all. This has positioned me as a thought leader and expert in matters of financial literacy and entrepreneurship to media outlets and organizations. I have been the financial columnist for one of the leading newspapers in Kenya (Daily Nation) and have published over 300 articles. I have also been invited to speak at key forums in Kenya, Rwanda and the US. I had the privilege of taking the First lady of Rwanda and other women government officials through the training. Like so many, I have learned some of my most valuable lessons through making mistakes. I have shared my story through my book ‘Making Cents’. The book reflects real people’s experiences, failures, lessons learnt and their eventual success with personal finance.

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